Flat Management

We do manage individual flats in addition to buildings.


We are able to deal with all the Tenants needs and queries, inspect the properties on a regular basis and ensure that the Tenancy is conducted in a proper fashion. We are on call for tenants when a problem arises and for emergencies such as central heating and hot water. Some Landlords put a limit on how much an agent can spend without recourse to them and we respect this.


Our attitude is that the Landlords have given us the property to manage for 2 reasons:


(a) the rent is collected on time and in the Landlords account without any delay. We have on line banking for this purpose and can see when the rent has been paid and account for it and transfer it to the Landlords account.


(b) that the tenancy is as un-intrusive as possible on the landlords life and that is why the managing agents are there to deal with all the problems and queries and the landlord can have as much or as little input as they like.


We have in-house maintenance to keep the costs low and the service responsive. We are also able to refurbish and upgrade properties on a very quick turnaround between Tenancies.


Red Carpet Estates offer competitive rates, for more information please call the office on
020 8343 0678 or email info@redcarpetestates.co.uk

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